Today, Congresswoman Jahana Hayes (CT-05) voted on the Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act. This legislative package funds research and development needed to work toward a clean energy economy, invests in updating American energy innovation infrastructure, and to reduces harmful carbon emissions to achieve net-zero pollution. The bill authorizes $4 billion for research, development, demonstration, and commercial application (RDD&CA) to advance cutting-edge renewable energy technologies including solar, wind, geothermal, and water power. 


“The effects of climate change impact us all and pose real and serious threats to future generations.” said Congresswoman Hayes. “In Connecticut, we are already seeing the harmful impacts of climate change, which threatens the health and safety of our communities, and the strength of our economy.”


“The Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act will invest $25 million for grants to deploy energy storage and microgrids in rural communities and $1 billion for solar installations in low-income communities. This legislation also includes two amendments which I introduced. These amendments would reserve $100 million a year for grants to reimburse costs of zero-emissions school buses for fiscal years 2021-2025 and would ensure children are protected from the dangers of child labor. This bill does not include everything needed to fully address the climate crisis; however, it is a strong step in the right direction. I am happy to have voted on such impactful legislation will which affect generations to come. I urge immediate Senate consideration on this legislation.” 


This legislation makes long-overdue reforms to U.S. energy policy and authorizes major investments in the transition to low-carbon future.


The bill also does the following:

  • includes programs to develop and deploy renewable and distributed energy resources
  • improves the efficiency of our homes and businesses
  • electrifies our transportation sector
  • modernizes the electrical grid and enhances its resiliency
  • prioritizes the needs of environmental justice communities
  • reduces carbon pollution from industrial and traditional sources


These measures comprehensively provide a path towards transforming our energy system, while taking an important step to tackling the climate crisis and growing our economy.




Rep. Jahana Hayes has been a public school teacher in Connecticut for more than 15 years 

and was recognized in 2016 as the National Teacher of the Year.

Currently serving her first term in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Hayes sits on the Committees on Education & Labor and Agriculture and proudly represents Connecticut’s 5th District.