Waterbury – This morning, Rep. Hayes released the following statement:

“This week, my husband, a first responder in the City of Waterbury was exposed to and tested positive for COVID-19 at his workplace. I am incredibly grateful that at this time he seems to be healthy and asymptomatic. Given my exposure, I was also tested and it was thankfully negative. Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, my family and I will be quarantining at home for the next 14 days and self-monitoring for symptoms. I will continue working remotely, talking with constituents and community leaders, and communicating daily with colleagues as we work on the next relief package to combat the health and economic crisis that our country is in.

“While some are clamoring to return to Washington to conduct in-person business, this test result in my own family has reinforced that we still have a ways to go – and there is still real danger in a premature return to regular order for Congress and the country, without appropriate precautions. This test result highlights that COVID-19 does not discriminate and presents in many forms – it has and will touch every family in some way. But it also underscores that workers who have been deemed “essential” – whether they are keeping our streets safe, stocking grocery shelves, or producing the food to feed us – are inherently at a greater risk of contracting this deadly virus. Every day I am in awe of the courage of these Americans – who are doing their part to help their neighbors. Never has the need to support these individuals with workplace protections, living wages, and benefits been more clear. No one should have to choose between going to work sick or being able to put food on the table. This is a reminder that we should continue to stay home for these frontline workers, so that they are able to do their jobs without being unnecessarily put at risk.

“I urge everyone to continue to follow CDC guidance, continue to stay home, and continue to socially distance and wash your hands frequently. I am so proud of how my community and my state have responded to this unprecedented crisis. I am humbled by the unity, strength and resilience that I have seen firsthand. No matter what happens, we will get through this. And we will do it by working together, and supporting each other.

“As always, my staff and I remain here to help and will continue to fight for Connecticut’s Fifth District. I pray for the safety of you and your families.”