Waterbury, CT — Congresswoman Jahana Hayes (CT-05) released a statement on how the American Rescue Plan will help towns and cities in Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District. The bill, signed into law by President Biden, will provide approximately $2.9 billion in aid to the state of Connecticut and roughly $185 million in aid to towns and cities in the district. Another $232 million will go towards local education agencies.

“COVID-19 has put an unprecedented strain on Connecticut’s budget. This devastates our state government’s ability to effectively leverage social and public programs to respond to this crisis and also hurts public workers who risk being laid off after serving on the front lines throughout this crisis,” said Congresswoman Hayes. “In a normal year, Connecticut is considered a donor state to the federal government, meaning we give more than we get back. Through our tax revenue, we regularly support our country even when it is not in dire need. Now, the state needs help from the federal government. The American Rescue Plan will deliver over $4.3 billion to state and municipal governments to ensure we continue to lead the nation on COVID-19 response and economic recovery.”

The American Rescue Plan takes bold action to protect critical jobs in towns and cities across Connecticut. The bill will fund public services and essential professions, including firefighters, police officers, teachers, and public workers. The bill also authorizes funding for the safe reopening of schools, the smooth running of businesses, and reliable public health measures.

Among its many provisions, the American Rescue Plan will:

Provide $185 million in Relief Aid to Northwest & Central Connecticut Towns and Cities

  • Connecticut should receive approximately $2.9 billion in state relief aid and $1.36 billion in local government funding. Local funding will come from the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.
  • Cities and towns in CT-05 should receive more than $185 million in baseline relief aid.
  • Local education agencies will receive $232 million to fund school districts and schools with high percentages of students living in poverty.
  • The first portion of the funding should be distributed no later than 60 days after certification by the Secretary of Treasury. The second portion will be disbursed 12 months after the first payment. The State of Connecticut will allocate any extra funds in the coming weeks. Cities and towns have until December 31, 2024 to use the funds.

Provide Local Funding to Support Critical Services, Save Jobs, and Protect Public Health

  • American Rescue Plan authorizes municipal relief to assist households, small businesses, nonprofits, and impacted industries such as tourism, travel, and hospitality. 
  • Authorizes funding for frontline and essential workers, including police officers, firefighters, teachers, and others. Municipalities can use funds to provide premium pay to essential workers or grants to eligible industry employers.
  • Municipalities may use funds to support essential government services that suffered economic impacts by the pandemic. 
  • The Plan will also provide necessary investments in water, sewage, and broadband infrastructure.


Learn More

Throughout the coming weeks, Rep. Hayes will continue to provide detailed information on how the American Rescue Plan supports Connecticut schools, workers, families, small businesses, nonprofits, and more.

More information about allocations for the state and local municipalities can be found here: https://www.democrats.senate.gov/final-state-and-local-allocation-output-030821.



Rep. Jahana Hayes has been a public school teacher in Connecticut for more than 15 years and was recognized in 2016 as the National Teacher of the Year.

Rep. Hayes sits on the Committees on Education & Labor and Agriculture and proudly represents Connecticut’s 5th District.