Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Jahana Hayes (CT-05) released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, and H.R. 1446, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021.

“Congress took a bold step to address gun safety,” said Congresswoman Hayes. “Universal background checks are supported by nearly all Americans across the political spectrum. In order to own a gun you should have to pass a background check, regardless of where you purchased the gun. I would once again like to thank the incredible advocates in my district and across the state of Connecticut who have worked tirelessly to advance common sense proposals like these bills. I look forward to this vital legislation passing the Senate and being presented to the President for his signature.”

Federal law already requires licensed gun dealers to conduct background checks on gun purchasers and transferees.  H.R. 8 extends the requirement of background checks to unlicensed gun sellers, including those who sell guns online or at gun shows.

Current law allows a “default proceed” whereby a federally licensed firearm dealer (FFL) can transfer a gun to a customer if the federal background check is not completed within 3 business days of the background check request to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). H.R. 1446 extends the initial background check review period from three to 10 business days. After that initial 10 business day period, if a background check is not completed, a purchaser may request an expedited review to spur the FBI to complete its investigation.


Rep. Jahana Hayes has been a public school teacher in Connecticut for more than 15 years and was recognized in 2016 as the National Teacher of the Year.

Rep. Hayes sits on the Committees on Education & Labor and Agriculture and proudly represents Connecticut’s 5th District.